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पर्यावरण आणि शेती

Agriculture is a backbone of Indian economy. India is agricultural country. It is the largest producer of number of Agriculture products. It produces wheat, rice, fruits, Vegetables, sugarcane etc. As India is agriculture based nation, agriculture news are important for its farmers. Hello Maharashtra is the leading provider of Agriculture News Marathi.

Agriculture is commonly practiced all over the country. Large number of people depend on agriculture for their livelihood. They use modern technology for farming. The use of new technology and machines help farmers to increase agriculture production. We provide proper knowledge to farmers. We literate them with new technology and latest agriculture methods.
Hello Maharashtra is the leading online marathi news portal. we gives best and quality news content. Agriculture news marathi is a specialty of our portal. We provide breaking news, daily news, latest marathi news, recent news, online news, technology news, rural news,agribusiness news etc. We provide the necessary knowledge to Indian farmers. Subscribe our News Portal Today and get updates of every agriculture news on your mobile.

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पर्यावरण आणि शेतीसांगली

चार लाख लोकांची तहान २१५ टँकर कशी भागवणार!

सांगली प्रतिनिधी । प्रथमेश गोंधळे जून महिन्याचा पंधरावडा संपला तरी जिल्ह्यातील पाणीपुरवठ्याची टंचाई कमी झालेली नाही. सध्या टंचाई वाढतच असून सध्या १८३ गावे आणि एक हजार ३७४ वाड्यावस्त्यांमधील चार लाख १८ हजार २५५ लोकांना तब्बल २१५ टँकरने पाणीपरवठा केला जात आहे. गेल्या पावसाळयात समाधानकारक पाऊस पडला नसल्याने दुष्काळी तालुक्यातील गावांमध्ये...
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